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Access, stop and parking in Trastevere:

The Hotel Trastevere is located in Via Luciano Manara at number 24, right in the heart of the district of the same name.
Trastevere is a ZTL area, that is to say a Limited Traffic Zone with a specific discipline for the access and parking of cars.
But don't worry, to be able to get to the hotel by car, you just need to organize yourself a little, checking the information we have collected for you on this page.

It can be accessed from 10.00 am onwards when the gates are open.
During the DAY (ZTL Diurna), Trastevere is in fact closed to cars from 6.30 am to 10.00 am from Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays).
During the NIGHT (ZTL Notturna), Trastevere is closed to cars from 9.30 pm to 3.00 am on Friday and Saturday (even if holidays) and the speed limit is set at 30 km / h;
- also from May to October, the Night ZTL is also active on Wednesday and Thursday (even if holidays) with the same times (21.30 - 3.00);
- in August, the Night ZTL is not active.

The following are excluded from the transit ban:

vehicles with electric traction only, subject to registration. The current legislation (DGC 257, 281 and 299 of 2008) reserves the right to park for free in all tolled areas for owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. It is not necessary to display any identification markings. To exercise the right to free parking for electric and hybrid vehicles, simply enter the vehicle registration number online. The vehicle will be authorized in such a way that the traffic auxiliaries can find this right during the control phase.
In the event that the plate does not appear, it is possible to try again after a few days to allow the DMV to update the lists.
The site on which to register the car is:
Attention: DIESEL cycle vehicles with DUAL-FUEL and MIXED-FUEL fuel system are not considered HYBRID.

Blue Stripes

As for the parking of the car, Trastevere is characterized by the so-called "blue stripes", inside which it is possible to park for a fee. The ordinary rate is € 1.00 per hour outside the ZTL and € 1.20 per hour in the ZTL. The discounted rate, on the other hand, is valid everywhere: € 0.20 for 15 minutes of parking (short stay, for payments made only from the parking meter); € 4.00 for 8 continuous hours of parking; € 70.00 for a calendar month.
Viale di Trastevere, the long artery that divides the neighborhood in two, connecting the Trastevere railway station with Ponte Garibaldi and easily recognizable by the presence of the tracks for the passage of the tram, is excluded from the ZTL thus allowing access, the route and the stop.
To facilitate the payment of parking within the "blue lines", Atac (Tramway and Bus Company of the Municipality of Rome) offers a new service that allows the payment of only the actual minutes of use. Just a click from your smartphone, a text message or a ring from your mobile.
To learn more, click on the link:


If guests decide they want to use the garage service with garage, we recommend the "Garage CarP Parcheggio" located in Via Anicia 6 / B, just a 5-minute walk from Hotel Trastevere.

Contact: 320-60.27.280
Prices for Daily Parking:
Small-medium car € 25.00 per day
Large car € 30.00 per day

Have a good trip and see you at the Hotel Trastevere!

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